David and Shadra Bruce

Have you ever gone to the circus where they have those fun house mirrors? You know, the kind you stand in front of and it distorts your body all out of proportion. Right now, the Republican Party is as distorted as an image in a fun house mirror.

The leaders of the Republican party no longer represent standard Republican values and instead have been completely bought and paid for by wealthy corporations and SuperPacs who wield their money like swords, striking down any who would stand in the way of their greed.

2012-repugsWhile they tout small government, state rights, and the constitution, they pervert the foundation upon which this country was founded in order to protect their power base, seeing everyone as a disposable and consumable resource to be used to further their profits. This is not the Republican party of 1960; this is not the Republican Party of the 1970s, this is not the Republican Party of the 1980s.

This is the Republican Party of hate, war mongering, willfully lying, wantonly misrepresenting, hidden agendas, racism, and backwards thinking. We can’t help but wonder how nearly half the country can still be blindly faithful to this distorted version of what was once the party that championed the protection of the poor, the marginalized, and even the environment.

Samuel L. Jackson’s tongue-in-cheek story hour has a message, and while it’s a little rough around the edges for those who cringe at foul language, it is time to WAKE THE FUCK UP.

2 Replies to “WAKE THE FUCK UP!”

  1. knight4444 says:

    The republican party is a complete joke!! their an embarrassment to this county!! I pray that this party will die soon! I don’t trust democrats either but over the last 50 yrs I’ve watched the gop turn from a reasonable party of Eisenhower to this complete train wreck!! the world hates us and I know why!! R E P U B L I C A N S!!!!!!

    1. We believe the Republican party for the most part has been hijacked. Most of the people we know who are Republicans do not espouse the hate and vitriol that has spewed from the party in the last year or so. Hopefully, the moderates on both sides will stand and have their voices heard so that we can move forward!

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