Modern-Day Pirates

Modern-Day Pirates

by David T. Bruce

We no longer hear because we no longer listen.
We no longer see because we no longer look.
We no longer wonder because we no longer care.
Deaf and blind are we.

Driven by greed,
we plunder for wealth.
we have lost much more than we have gained.
The true riches of life will not be found at the supermarket or in a mall.
Perhaps it is better to be dirt poor than filthy rich.

Behind a child’s eyes is the wonder of living,
the grandeur of being.
Capture that state!
Not another plot of land,
not another concrete possession,
not another way of life!

Value that which is yours by birth,
not that which you have bargained or looted for.
Of all the treasures we may covet,
our souls – our essence – are our most precious jewels.

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