A Civil(e) War

A Civil(e) War

by David T. Bruce

A civil(e) war rages on
On the home front still
So many hearts haven’t changed
Not really
So many still believing
Have a home not here

A civil(e) war rages on
Along the highways still
The Prius versus the V10s
The Mach V versus the Mammoth Car
A 21st-century energy crisis ignored
A road sign of excess

A civil(e) war rages on
In the department stores still
A “me first” mentality
Wasn’t this on sale?
Keep up with the Joneses
á la Cantor’s Power Set Theorem
Roll back to a time
When a ball, a book, a bike (or food) was enough

A civil(e) war rages on
In our homes still
Homework and home work
Versus intimacy and next of kin and cries
For encouragementnourishmentencirclement
Gimme a second!
Take a time out!
I need MySpace!
Stop meth-ing around!

A civil(e) war rages on
Inside our heads still
A Freudian Armageddon
Where no one wins
Without losing
Our fucking minds
Trying to make sense
Of ourthoughtsourpainglacialthawuniversalrefrain

“Through mansions of glory in suicide machines”
“Time is flowing like a river”
“Could be the human race is run”
“It’s a death trap, it’s a suicide rap”
“And in the end . . .”
“Nothing matters and what if it did”
Because we’re not supposed to sweat the small stuff
Because it’s all small stuff
But it’s the little things that count

Bruce Springsteen, “Born To Run” © 1975
Alan Parsons Project, “Time © 1981
Roger Waters, “not now john” © 1983
The Beatles, “The End” © 1969
John Cougar Mellencamp, Nothing Matters and What if it Did © 1980


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